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Building Digital Twins to Improve Production and Infrastructure Through Simulation and Monitoring 

What we are Working On:

Start with the 1000-foot view:

  • How you impact the environment around your facility

  • The effect of local infrastructure on your business and the effect you will have on it

  • Simulate the effectiveness of your net zero energy plans.

High Level View.png
Production Scale.png

Move to the facility scale model:

  • View your production layout in the context of logistics, scheduling, and optimisation.

  • Connect the 3D environment to the real world, contextualising live data

  • Simulate changes to your operations and de-risk decisions based on data

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What are We About

With backgrounds in Aerospace and Defence, PXL ICE was founded around these three pillars:

Environmental sustainability for industry-01.png

Environmental sustainability for industry

Our software is aimed at enabling and planning for true Net Zero sustainability, from the production line up to building infrastructure.

Production improvement with low barriers to entry

Creating affordable and intuitive software will enable SMEs to be match fit for OEM supply chain needs.

Production Improvement-01.png

Tools for digital manufacturing & infrastructure

Software that can monitor the “as is” state and simulate “What If” scenarios – optimising and improving new and existing facilities.

Interested With Working With Us?

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